1. December 2021

Pornhub now also relies on Cryptocurrencies

The porn platform Pornhub has now added a crypto-based payment method to its portfolio: the Stable Coin Tether (USDT). The reason for the new orientation on the crypto market is certainly that the payment provider PayPal had ended its cooperation with the erotic platform. This paves the way for the extended adaptation of cryptocurrencies.

Those who consume pornographic content on Pornhub can now fully rely on USDT. TronLink wallets are available to help users do so.

In a blog post, Pornhub explains, “The first good news is that we’ve added USDT to your payout options. For those of you who may not know: USDT is a cryptocurrency that follows the U.S. dollar, meaning that one USDT token is equal to one U.S. dollar. USDT transactions can be made anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, and there are no fees involved. Since USDT and TRON Blockchain have partnered, we can now pay for the models securely through TRONlink, a cryptocurrency wallet.”

For many users of the adult entertainment platform, the Tether cryptocurrency should offer crucial advantages. This is because payments can be made almost anonymously via the virtual currency. Thus, the consumption of nude movies on the net is quite easy anonymously.

Direct deposits for porn?

Direct deposits from other countries are also acczpet to the monetary portfolio: “We have also added direct deposits for Australia and Puerto Rico. To set them up, go to the Model Settings tab. Here you’ll find all your personal information, including your address and payment details.” But Cosmo is also included as a payment processor. Pornhub explains that users can now run payments through the Cosmo app as well.

Virtual reality porn – The feeling of being part of someone else’s sex

The porn industry is constantly changing. Here, too, technical progress is unstoppable. How close can you be to the act as a stranger, how intense is the immersion? VR glasses provide an answer.

The ’68 movement stands, among other things, for free love, women who no longer wore bras, and naked crowds at music festivals. From the point of view of the time, the ’68ers were the necessary liberation from the conservative corset of society that rushed through an entire generation like a wave of freedom. Today, the sexual revolution as experienced by our parents seems almost cute. We are surrounded by sex and nudity. We encounter naked women in particular almost everywhere: on TV, in social media, in advertising. Nudity is the ultimate big seller, even if the product being advertised has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Advertising uses nude testimonials to sell shoes, creams, even food.

Is virtual reality the future of the porn industry?

One could almost think that our oh-so permissive society is not only sophisticated, but also sophisticated beyond all measure, even hardened. Our everyday life is downright sexually saturated. Sexual liberties lurk everywhere, even in the schoolyard. I don’t think I need to point out the dangers here, if the education of our children only takes place increasingly through Internet porn. Sex education doesn’t work today like it did 20 or 30 years ago, when you flipped through the pages of “Dr. Sommer” in “Bravo” under the covers and it was considered taboo to even talk about masturbation. Sex is all well and good. But please don’t go into too much detail, was the motto.

“The end of the line” for pornography?

The other day I was discussing porn with some friends and colleagues. Some felt that the films were immensely complicit in the sexual repression of women, while others felt that hardcore sex films should not be demonized per se. When we talk about porn, we mainly mean the films that are accessible online and have become more popular in recent years.

Almost forgotten are the video booths at “Beate Uhse”, the secretive area behind an often very ugly curtain in video stores or the magazines that were inconspicuously added to the receipt at the gas station. Yet porn consumption has been taking place since time immemorial. For example, sex therapist Heike Melzer writes in her book: “Throughout history, just about every technical or media invention has also been used to further develop and spread pornography.” No real sensation, then, that historians of ancient Pompeii found plenty of obscene sex scenes painted on the walls.

In Germany, pornography has been legal since 1975. Today, this market is one of the largest in the world. There is, to put it casually, nothing that doesn’t exist. But in the long run, doesn’t that also mean that at some point a certain stagnation will set in, or as Melzer calls it, “the end of the line” for pornography? Not at all. But what’s next?

360-degree porn and remote-controlled sex toys

Technology is developing rapidly. What is considered unimaginable today will be nothing special tomorrow. Already, the porn industry is increasingly relying on VR goggles, devices that allow you to immerse yourself in virtual reality – an interactive, computer-generated environment in real time, a “Matrix light,” so to speak. Keyword: 360-degree porn. The very idea raises the pulse rate of every porn producer. It won’t be long before porn consumers will be able to create their own avatar and freely interact with it in a virtual porn world. This is the prelude to a cyber universe that will go beyond all imagination in terms of preferences.

The big players have long since had their own VR categories. Teledildonic is likely to be a niche market – for the time being. Here, the sex toy is controlled remotely via the Internet. Sex toys connected to the web may currently be in their infancy and unable to keep up with classic porn consumption, but more and more consumers are specifically searching for the keywords: VR, 360-degree porn and teledildonic.

Porn future in the VR universe

Virtual reality is no longer a dream of the future in the porn industry. Films are already being shot from the perspective of the actors and actresses. So if you have a pair of VR glasses, you can be virtually in the middle of the action, almost as if it were true to life. You can look around the room, approach the protagonists involved, and virtually sit next door on the sofa. The next step could be for porn consumers to actively intervene in the action. And lo and behold, the beginnings of this already exist! In this context, a scene from the science fiction thriller “Project Brainstorm” from 1983 should be recommended to the curious. A visionary film in which an actor adds an optical sex loop to his VR headset and almost perishes from the continuous orgasm generated in this way.

Not to be underestimated: VR glasses can often give sensitive people headaches and especially nausea. Some users experience symptoms of motion sickness. Ginger is probably supposed to provide relief, but it doesn’t help everyone. So the porn future in the VR universe won’t work for everyone.

One positive side effect, however, would be if women traveling in a virtual space with such glasses were to actively shape the plot. In this way, they could give protagonists who misogynously penetrate women (as is unfortunately often seen in porn from a male perspective) a good talking-to. Because one wish remains in all the future scenarios: That women are finally no longer treated and regarded as commodities, but as human beings who have the right to feel the same pleasure as their male counterparts.